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How is Digital Smile Design Done?

Updated: Feb 23

Digital smile design is the creation of a treatment plan by preparing the smile that best suits your face before the operation, with specially prepared technology-supported programs. For digital smile design, also known as dental design simulation, the patient's teeth and gums are first scanned with intraoral scanning cameras. Portrait and retractor dental bite photographs are taken. Three-dimensional images and photographs are transferred to digital smile design programs. The form, size and color of the tooth are decided by evaluating factors such as tooth size, facial structure, gum distances and lip structure as a whole. A design is created taking into account the expectations and wishes of the patients. With digital smile design, patients can see what the result will be at the end of the treatment, before starting the treatment.

Digital smile design is an application that we frequently apply today and increases the chance of success of the treatment. It enabled patients to have their treatments postponed because they could not imagine what they would look like at the end of the treatment.

Beauty is a relative concept and personal. Some of our patients want to have the same tooth repaired by showing them photos of celebrities or acquaintances. In this case, showing how the tooth structure, form or color in the desired photograph looks like in their own photograph contributes greatly to their decision-making. Sometimes they don't like the smile they like the most, and sometimes we make small changes together to make a more suitable design for them.

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