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Smile Design

(Hollywood Smile)

Hollywood smile is the process of evaluating the tooth structure, jaw, lips, nose and facial features of the person as a whole and designing and applying the ideal smile. The aim of smile design is for our patient to have a more dynamic, young and healthy smile. While creating a Hollywood smile, we decide on the final design together, taking into account the concerns and expectations of our patient.

As the name suggests, with this application, which was inspired by Hollywood stars, we provide dental standards while at the same time providing our patients with a healthy mouth and a perfect smile and an increase in self-confidence.

In Hollywood smile application, laminated, porcelain or zirconium crown prostheses (veneers) are usually used. Missing tooth areas are treated with implants.

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How is Smile Design Done?

At the beginning of smile design, it is of great importance to understand the aesthetic expectations of the patient correctly and to determine the needs. Hollywood smile application is planned individually. Potential problems are identified and plans are made with the models prepared using the mouth measurements taken from the patient. Then, measurements are made with the patient's intraoral and facial photographs using special programmes in the computer environment and the harmony with the face shape is calculated. The approximate images that will be formed after the treatment are presented to the patient with temporary restorations prepared in accordance with the programmes and the patient's oral structure and their opinions are taken.


After the planning is completed, if orthodontic treatment is not necessary, the level disorders in the gums are corrected first. In case of tooth deficiencies, implant procedures and other surgical applications are performed. After the completion of the healing process of surgical interventions, teeth whitening procedures are applied if needed. After this stage, visual and stylistic defects in the teeth are corrected by using aesthetic composite fillings. In cases where this method is insufficient, porcelain, laminated or zirconium veneers are used. During all these gum and dental applications, the targeted smile design is finalised by considering the lip shape and contour.

What is done in Smile Design? What are the Procedures Performed in Smile Design?

There are many applications performed within the scope of smile design. Smile design applications are carried out by applying different methods according to personal needs and plans.

Teeth whitening is a widely preferred procedure among smile design applications. Individuals who are not satisfied with their tooth color and yellowing can achieve a natural and lighter tooth color with teeth whitening.

Another process within the smile design application is to correct the irregularities in the alignment of the teeth. Individuals with tooth alignment disorders can achieve a more aesthetic smile with orthodontic treatments as a part of smile aesthetics.

Another process among smile design applications is to eliminate size differences in the front and lower teeth. This process helps achieve an aesthetic appearance by ensuring that the front and lower teeth are of a proportionate size.

Gum problems are another issue that needs to be corrected within smile design. Length and width discrepancies, as well as darkening and staining of the gums, can affect the individual's self-confidence. Appropriate gum treatments are applied for the Hollywood smile.

Strengthening tooth roots and enamel is also one of the smile design applications. Strengthening the teeth is important in creating a more durable basis for other smile design procedures.

Dental veneer is one of the important smile aesthetic applications in smile design. With dental veneer, smile aesthetics can be achieved for individuals who have various disorders in their teeth. In Hollywood smile application, laminate, porcelain or zirconium crown prostheses (veneers) are generally used. Missing tooth areas are treated with implants.

One of the processes in smile design is to harmonize tooth size and structure depending on both face and lip size. In this way, a more aesthetic appearance is achieved.

Another process within smile design applications is to treat individuals with cavities in their teeth. Caries treatment and dental infections are a priority for the smile design application to be permanent. Therefore, root canal treatment and filling procedures must be completed depending on the decay.

How long does it take to implement a smile design?

Since the smile aesthetic application is a personalised application, it is generally completed in 3 sessions, although it varies according to personal needs and personal treatment plan.

The lifespan of the smile design varies depending on the treatment applied and the patient's personal care. Different methods such as laminated, porcelain or zirconium crown prostheses and teeth whitening are used in smile design. Taking care of the patient's dental and oral health is one of the most important factors that prolong the life of the smile aesthetic application. The lifespan of the smile design can generally vary between 5 and 15 years depending on the patient's care habits and the importance given to the treatment. Regular attention to oral and dental health can contribute to a quality life with a healthy smile as well as extending the life of the teeth.

How Long is the Lifespan of Smile Design?

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